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Next up for consideration are our wonderful, soothing facials. They offer therapeutic benefits for the skin such as increased hydration, inflammation control and a clearer complexion. We offer facials as a stress-relieving, rejuvenating way to care for your skin and general wellbeing. When regularly incorporated into your skin care practices, facials can enhance your skin’s ability to perform its own functions, like maintain a healthy barrier, retain moisture and absorb topical, nutrient-rich skin care.

We custom our facials to your specific needs, so every visit is different. We use high-powered, antioxidant-full ingredients that are clinically proven to affect the skin from the outside in. The major roles of our facials are as follows: cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and brighten. Dr. Deisy-led aestheticians are meticulous in applying the right proportions of product to the right areas, and their technique lends to your complete relaxation. These facial massages are meant to rejuvenate your skin with consistent use, so best results are expected with a facials schedule of your own.

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