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Primary Care

Our team is dedicated to providing long-term, comprehensive health, preventive care and chronic care management strategies for our patients. Preventative care is of the utmost importance to us. Our practice promotes annual physical exams and preventive services to keep you in your best health. If you do become ill or have chronic medical conditions, we provide all primary care services to treat these conditions in adult patients.

Primary Care

What are physicals?

Physicals, or physical exams, are an important part of your preventive care. During your physical, your provider at South Florida Preventive Care Group reviews your current state of health and bodily functioning in order to ensure that you’re fit for school, work, or life in general.


Regardless of your reason for getting a physical exam, it gives you an idea of your current state of health. A physical exam can catch signs of disease or injuries early that haven’t resulted in noticeable symptoms yet, so you can start treatment early with a higher chance of recovery. 


Physical exams also allow you to form a relationship with your medical provider. Identifying inconsistencies in your health and wellness is easier for your physician once they’re familiar with you. They can also better strategize treatments that fit your lifestyle and preferences.

What happens at a physical?

The components of physicals are mostly the same in each case, but your physical might become more rigorous and involved as you age. Your physical may involve:


  • A discussion about your personal health and family history

  • A review of your lifestyle and habits (e.g. job type, smoking, alcohol consumption)

  • Weight and height check

  • Blood pressure and heart rate check

  • Purified protein derivative (PPD) test for tuberculosis and other screenings if needed

  • Immunization updates

  • Bodily inspection for unusual growths

  • Stethoscope listening to your heart and lungs

  • Reflex testing


You should also mention any recent or recurrent symptoms to your provider during your physical, especially if it’s your first medical visit in a long time. Depending on your current symptoms and medical conditions, your physical may involve additional tests like blood work or a urinalysis.


Your physician may also recommend changes to your lifestyle and adjustments to your medication doses to make sure you’re working toward wellness in your daily life.

When do I need a physical?

You should get physicals relatively frequently throughout your life. After age 50, experts suggest getting one at least once per year.


Regular health evaluations, called physicals, give you an idea of your health and help you prepare to take on the challenges of life. At South Florida Preventive Care Group, Inc. in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, Florida, you can get a comprehensive physical for school, work, or just to keep up on your preventive care with the help of Deisy Diaz-Prieto, DNP. To book your next physical, call your nearest South Florida Preventive Care Group location or request an appointment online today.

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