• Botox

    $225.00 per area

    Decrease the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles with a quick visit. There are three main areas that may be treated with Botox: the glabellar area between the eyebrows (frown lines), the forehead horizontal lines, and the area lateral to the eyes.

    Discounts apply when multiple areas are treated during the same visit.

  • Dermal Fillers (Depending on product and amount)

    Starting at $500

    Dermal Fillers (depending on product and amount)

    Radiesse 1 syringe — – $500.00

    Radiesse 1.5 syringe– – $650.00

    Belotero 1 syringe — — $500.00

    Juvederm 1 syringe — – $550.00

    Restylane 1 syringe– -$ 500.00

    Restylane Lyft 1 syringe — – $550.00

    Restylane Silk 1 syringe– $550.00

  • Plasma Therapy (injectable with Microneedling)


    Plasma Therapy (injectable with Microneedling) — – $650.00 (face)- Free neck and décolleté if enough Plasma is obtained.

  • Plasma and Facial Mask Therapy


    Plasma and Facial Mask (PRP Microneedling and Vit C/ Hyaluronic Acid Mask)

  • Microneedling Treatment w/ Vitamins or Hyaluronic Acid


    Microneedling Treatment (with Vitamins or Hyaluronic Acid)

  • Meso-rejuvenation per one treatment


    Meso-rejuvenation per one treatment (injectable and microneedling) — – $300.00

  • Meso- rejuvenation for 3 txs


    Meso – rejuvenation for 3 txs ( injectable and microneedling) — -$600.00. Treatments are done every two weeks.

  • Meso- Cellulite


    Meso- Cellulite – Four sessions of injections and microneedling/ one every two weeks. — – $600.00

  • Meso- Adipolysis


    Meso- Adipolysis – Four sessions / one every two weeks.

Health Screenings

  • Health Screening / Wellness Exams


  • Physical Exams


    Physical examinations for School, Sports or Work. – FREE PPD TEST

  • Blood Work Services


    Blood Work Services – starts @ $49.00 (two basic panels)

Wellnes Exams

  • Weight Management Program

    $35.00 per week

    Weight Management (weekly MIC Injections with B12) $35.00 a week . Free Phentab bottle when you buy 8 weeks of treatment.

    * Blood work results needed before starting program. Copies are accepted if labs are withing six months.

  • Vitamin Therapy


    Vitamin B12–$25.00

    Vit D3— $35.00

    Folic Acid— $25.00

    Vit B Complex— $25.00

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