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Weight Loss

At South Florida Preventive Care Group, your provider becomes quite familiar with your personality and lifestyle. The team gives you instructions for better eating and regular exercise. You’ll attend weekly appointments for monitoring, and you’ll get weekly injections of methionine, inositol, and choline (MIC) with vitamin B12.These injections help facilitate and accelerate weight loss by boosting your metabolism and increasing your energy. They’ll help motivate you to follow a fitness plan that your doctor provides. Additionally, you might see an improvement in your hair, skin, and nail health as well as a boost in your mood. 

Weight Loss

How do I get started on my weight loss plan?

In order to get started on your weight loss or management plan at South Florida Preventive Care Group, you’ll start with an in-depth consultation with your provider. 


During this time, the team evaluates your current weight, health, and the state of your lifestyle to identify the areas that need improvement and the ways that your current habits are successful. 


Your provider must also evaluate your blood work before you begin. If you’ve had a blood evaluation within the six months before your consultation, you can use those results. If not, you may get your blood drawn at the clinic for testing.


Healthy and sustainable weight loss takes some time, but your provider at South Florida Preventive Care Group can set you up for success and satisfaction. To start your weight management plan, call the clinic or book your consultation online today.


To achieve weight loss goals and an overall lifelong healthy lifestyle, a proper diet plan, moderate exercise, and behavioral modification are the keys to success. 

Dr. Deisy and her team utilize their expertise in nutrition and preventive medicine to help you achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals. 

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