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Work and School Physicals 

Even if you don’t remember to book regular physicals, you may be required to get one for school or work. School physicals ensure that your child is mentally and physically fit to go through the stresses of attending school while work physicals ensure that you can safely and successfully perform the duties of your job.  


To get a better idea of your health for your school, your employer, or yourself, don’t hesitate to book your physical by phone or online at South Florida Preventive Care Group today.


During a work or school-related physical exam, one of our providers will check your overall health and look for possible symptoms of illness or chronic conditions that may keep you from performing the duties of your job or school program. The tests your provider recommends will depend on the type of physical examination being conducted. You’ll review your medical health history and job information with your provider, if applicable. Your provider will usually check:

  • Vital signs – such as blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. 

  • Your heart – to detect possible signs of heart disease. 

  • Your lungs – to listen for any wheezing or difficulty breathing. 

  • Your abdomen – to check on the health of your liver, bowels, and other organs. 

  • Your skin – skin problems can be signs and symptoms of other underlying illnesses. 

Work and School Physicals
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